3D Magical Moon LED Night Light USB Rechargeable 3 Light Colors Nursery

  • £19.99

Enchanting Moon Lamp, night light. Feel the energy from the moon in your own home. These are beautiful anywhere in your home, especially in a nursery they cast a soft glow which wont disrupt your baby's sleep.

- Charging time: 6 - 8 hours 
- Working time: 8 - 30 hours ( depends on brightness ) 

Based on photos captured by NASA satellite, bring 3D printing relief surface, present moon surface vividly, it is exquisite and beautiful.  Made of eco-friendly PLA material which is extracted from maize straw, non-toxic substance included. PLA combined with ABS for the shell, improve its shockproof ability and burning point to prevent it from collapse after long-time lighting.  


3 LED light colors for your options: yellow / cool white / light yellow, 20pcs LED beads with only 4W power, low consumption and energy-saving. Stepless brightness mode: long press the power switch to change the brightness as you like.
Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, working time is up to 6-8 hours, meet your need for decorations. Multiple power supply ways, you can charge it by computer, power bank or adaptor, very convenient.


Included wooden bracket for holding the LED light, no need to worry about it rolling over.


Using instructions:
1. Press once, yellow light; press twice, cool white light; press third, light yellow light; press fourth, turn off.  
2. Long press the power button, it can change the brightness automatically.


Type: 3D Magical Moon LED Night Light
Material: PLA + ABS
Item Color: As shown
LED Color: Yellow / Cool white / Light yellow
Short press: Yellow / cool white / light yellow / off
Long press: unlimited dimmer
Power: 4W
Lumen: 180LM
Beam Angle: 360°
Input: DC 5V
Battery Capacity: 2000mA
Working Time: 6-8h
Charging Time: 6-12h
Waterproof: NO



1*USB cable
1*Bracket accessories
1*User manual in English
1*Package box(random types)